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Digitalizing Growth: Leveraging Technology for Sustainable Agriculture | Inclusive Plug Episode 33
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Digitalizing Growth: Leveraging Technology for Sustainable Agriculture | Inclusive Plug Episode 33

Join us in Episode 33 of Inclusive Plug, brought to you by RECONOMY, where our host, Sabin, engages with a panel of experts to explore the role of digital technologies in sustainable agriculture. This conversation 🎙️ features insights from Mihran Sahakyan, the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of SkyAgro, Bojan Kolundzija, the Team Leader of the OPTIM project in Moldova (a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, implemented by Helvetas), and Alla Hovhannissyan, a Project Manager at the Strategic Development Agency (responsible for one of RECONOMY’s projects focusing on digitizing sectors for competitiveness) – a partner of Helvetas in the frame of RECONOMY.

📝 In this episode:

  • Bojan Kolundzija delves into the OPTIM project’s work with digital solutions in Moldova’s agricultural sector, discussing the objectives and outcomes.
  • Mihran Sahakyan shares the inspiring story behind SkyAgro, revealing what drove him to pioneer in the agricultural tech field.
  • Alla Hovhannissyan outlines the overarching goals of RECONOMY in agricultural development and how SkyAgro’s initiative aligns with and bolsters these objectives.
  • Discussions on how SkyAgro’s technologies contribute to environmental sustainability, emphasizing the crucial role of technology in enhancing sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Insights into the impact of digital solutions on local communities and agriculture in Moldova, including changes in farming practices and food production.
  • Alla sheds light on the anticipated effects of introducing the iFarms digital solution to Armenia by SkyAgro, focusing on job creation, economic opportunities, and food security.
  • The episode concludes with a discussion on RECONOMY’s plans for facilitating knowledge sharing and regional collaboration, especially in the Eastern Partnership region, to amplify the impact of agricultural initiatives like SkyAgro’s.

🌟 Don’t miss this engaging discussion that bridges technology and sustainable agriculture, highlighting the transformative potential of digitalization in fostering green economic development. Stay tuned for more episodes where we push the boundaries of innovation for a more inclusive and greener future.

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Sabin Selimi

Sabin Selimi works for Helvetas as Knowledge Management, Learning, and Communications Manager at RECONOMY. His previous experience includes working in communication advisory roles for the government and various international development projects, with experience in the Balkans.


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