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RECONOMY is an ambitious program, working on multiple topics over several countries of the Eastern Partnership and the Western Balkan regions, with a broad network of partners. Even when working towards the same goals, everybody works in a unique context. The regions we are working in are undergoing many simultaneous structural, political, and social changes.

As a member of the RECONOMY network, we invite you to share your observations with us of recent changes that you can observe that may influence the work we are all doing collectively.

The changes you observe could be system changes, signs of system changes, changes in your industry, changes in attitudes by actors in the system or market, changes in relationships between enterprises, or changes in priorities, etc.

Some changes may be so small that they may not yet appear in any datasets or the Monitoring and Results Measurement (MRM) System. It might even be hard to describe it to a colleague; that is how small this change could be. Please note that we are not searching for early results in the MRM System.

We invite you to share your observations of these changes until 4 August 2023.

You are welcome to share many observations of changes you notice, but please only make one entry at a time. Otherwise, the important nuances of each change may get lost.

The observations you share with us will remain anonymous.

Scan this QR code to capture your observation on your mobile phone.

Below you will see some of the observations of changes submitted by other respondents. Only stories marked for public viewing will be shown below.

Remember to visit this page every day to see what your peers are observing in the Eastern Partnership and the Western Balkan regions.