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New Partnerships Created with Training Centers on Freelancing in North Macedonia
September 30, 2022
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New Partnerships Created with Training Centers on Freelancing in North Macedonia

RECONOMY is an inclusive and green economic development program implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation. The pilot intervention focused on North Macedonia aims to achieve sustainable and inclusive development of competencies and a business environment for freelancers. This intervention is implemented in partnership with Impact Foundation. Click here for more information about the intervention.

In order to determine how the program can achieve greater outreach, RECONOMY has stepped up its testing of the support for training centers outside of the country’s capital, Skopje. Monday Learning from Bitola and Lazovski VM3D Training Center from Skopje were selected as partners to the co-implementing partner Impact Foundation.

After a month of implementation, RECONOMY visited the selected training centers to check progress in the making.

Nikolina Cvetanovska, CEO of Monday Learning, gave a presentation on their accomplishments to date. The number of people interested in freelancing exceeded their expectations, and seven people have already begun working as freelancers since the start of the intervention. Monday Learning plans on expanding its scope of work in digital skills, which means there are going to be even more freelancers in the near future in North Macedonia.

With the support of RECONOMY, VM3D-fashion design expanded their course to include teaching freelance. . VM3D-fashion design is a fashion company based in Stip. The company recently started teaching designing clothes in 3D programs to students.

Jasmina Chaneva Lazovski, CEO of VM3D-fashion design, stated that the end idea of developing the course is to work with quality freelancers in her fashion company.

The students learn the fundamentals of 3D design of clothes in a number of course modules. The next modules are all about freelancing. This module’s mentor will be Blaze Spireski, one of the mentors of freelancing in North Macedonia. He will teach the students on what it means to be a freelancer, how and where to create their profile, how to get clients, and provide information on legal obligations.

They were not expecting as many people to sign up for the first three groups as they did.

When the groups are finished, RECONOMY will analyze the findings and offer feedback on their work. RECONOMY support VM3D-fashion design in their vision and goals.


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