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Inclusive Plug Episode 25: Does Labelling Matter in Development?
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Inclusive Plug Episode 25: Does Labelling Matter in Development?

The way we describe people shapes how we perceive and act toward them. Terms and words that are used in development seem to indicate who holds power and who doesn’t. But then, does this matter? Sometimes it may not matter what we call someone. Rather the way we treat and approach someone is more important than the description or labeling.

A fascinating discussion with Nabanita Sen Bekkers, Director of Opportunities Unlimited, also Nabanita is part of the DCED secretariat focusing on the results measurement work; Duncan Green, a professor in practice in international development at the London School of Economics and senior strategic adviser at Oxfam; and Zenebe Uraguchi, an economist and Program Manager of RECONOMY.

To the viewers and listeners, if you’re a “beneficiary”, let us know what you want to be called. Others have thought much more about this issue, and we’d love to listen to your additional reflections on the topic. Language and meaning constantly evolve, while knowledge adapts and expands.

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Sabin Selimi

Sabin Selimi works for Helvetas as Knowledge Management, Learning, and Communications Manager at RECONOMY. His previous experience includes working in communication advisory roles for the government and various international development projects, with experience in the Balkans.


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